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Midwest Youth Camp Guidelines

Midwest Youth Camp is open for young people ages 9-21 without regard to race, color, national origin, or sex, PROVIDED that they are willing to abide by the rules of the camp and conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

NOT PERMITTED: Bad attitudes, tobacco products in any form, non-prescription drugs, shorts of any length, halter tops, muscle shirts, sun suits, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, t-shirts with unacceptable pictures or words, skin tight or otherwise immodest clothing, radios, ipods or other music player, weapons of any kind and any literature not pertaining to camp.

Cell phones may be brought to campgrounds, but will be turned in at registration for the duration of camp. Parents, please understand that your child will not have access to their cell phone during camp. If you need to contact them, please call Bill's cell phone at 660-424-0127 or 660-424-4122 or 660-424-0986.

BRING: Good attitudes, sweet spirits and clothes as appropriate for dress or school.  Also bring an old, dark set of clothes, ones that are able to be worn modestly for games that include water. Clothes need to be appropriate for your gender. Girls: Skirts and dresses will be encouraged for evening chapel. We will allow girls to wear dress pants to evening chapel. Guys: Men's dress pants and a buttoned shirt are encouraged for evening chapel. We understand that some of you will DIE if you HAVE to wear dress pants and that nice jeans is dressing up for you. If you MUST wear jeans, follow these guidelines. No holes, real or manufactured and no worn spots. NO SHIRTS WITHOUT BUTTONS WILL BE ALLOWED. Please wear a Polo or a button-down dress shirt for evening chapel. If finding enough clothes that meet the guidelines is a challenge for you, please contact the camp manager and discuss it. He will be happy to help!

There will be separate swim times at the swimming pool for boys and girls.  Please bring a minimum of tank top and shorts for swimming.  There is a shower house next to the pool to clean up after swimming.

BRING: Sleeping bags or bedding, your own hygiene products, towels, Bible, notebook, pen or pencil, ball gloves, shoes appropriate for sports and sunscreen.

All meals will be provided.  The camper is asked to bring extra money if they want to purchase drinks or snacks from the canteen.  All money will be turned in at time of registration including canteen money.  Money designated for canteen use will be recorded and charged to your account throughout the week.  Midwest Youth Camp or its staff will not be responsible for loss of money that was not turned in at time of registration.


Once again, we are not going to allow cell phone use during the week of camp.

Please bring a different means of an alarm clock as all cell phones

will need to be turned in during registration.

Thank you!

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